Deposit Required for a Hertz Car Rental Prepaid with Priceline?

Michele asks:

re: Deposit Required for a Hertz Car Rental Prepaid with Priceline

I have already paid for my HERTZ rental with PRICELINE. Will I be required to use a credit card for deposit when I pick up car at Miami Airport? If so, how much does the credit available have to be?

My Response: 

I checked through some terms and conditions on They provided the statement that refers to deposit required for a Hertz Car Rental prepaid with Priceline:

Upon pickup, the renter must present a major credit card or debit card in his/her name with a minimum of $200 available credit as a security deposit on the vehicle.

They give a minimum amount, but no info on what the maximum deposit required for a Hertz Car Rental prepaid with Priceline could possibly be. 

I went to (opens in a new window) and found info under Rental Qualifications and Requirements -

Forms of Payment, (specifically for the MIA Airport Location) stated: "Credit cards must have available credit... for the estimated amount of rental charges plus up to $200.00." I also sent off an email to a Hertz Customer Service Representative.

Here's the answer I received:

Thank you for your email. In order to qualify to rent, you will need to present either an acceptable credit or debit card. A hold will be place on the card for those charges that are not included in the voucher value (the prepaid voucher issued to you from Priceline) -- may include taxes, Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) if selected at the counter, child seats, etc, plus $140.00

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Kind Regards,
Email Correspondent 
The Hertz Corporation 
10401 N Pennsylvania Avenue 
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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