Cross Border Fees and Stickers for Rental in Amsterdam

Jenny asks:

Re:Cross border fees and stickers for rental in Amsterdam

I will be renting a car in Amsterdam. We will be in Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland. Do Avis, Budget or Hertz charge cross border fees like Dollar? Do you know which counties require stickers and how much they are and what exactly they are for?

My Response: 

Here's the results of my research: 

Avis and Budget websites contained no information about driving restrictions or cross border fees (such as the information provided on for rentals picked up in Amsterdam.
They stated that for detailed information on restrictions renters should contact International reservations.

For Avis the number is 1-800-331-1084 for Budget the number is

I could find no information on either about cross border fees. It would be best to speak with one of their international reservation reps for clarification. The number is 1-800-654-3001

Now it may be that there is nothing listed because they charge no cross border fees...but it is always best to check directly with the company to verify policies. 

With regards to the toll stickers, I did some research on's driving guides: Here's all the info I could find for the countries that you stated you will be in. (Note:  re: your question of ..."what exactly they are for"... my assumption is that toll stickers allow passage on toll highways/roadways that don't have the ability for one to stop and pay at a toll booth... but honestly, I don't know and could find no explanation of them on AutoEurope's site. My apologies!  :) 

Netherlands: There are no toll highways in the Netherlands. 

Italy: The 'autostrade' is Italy's toll super highway and toll cards can be purchased at banks or at Automoblie Club d'Italia (ACI) offices. 

Switzerland: Highways in Switzerland require a toll sticker that costs approximately US$28. Cars rented in Switzerland have the sticker attached; otherwise you must purchase the sticker separately. The fine is approx US$100 for driving with out a sticker. 

Spain: No information about toll stickers, but the site states that "Spain's expressways, the 'autopistas,' are toll roads and are identified by the letter A." 

Germany:  There are no toll highways in Germany. 

Belgium: There are no toll highways in Belgium. The Liefenhoeks Tunnel, located in Antwerp, does require a toll. 

France:  There are toll highways in France that are labled as 'Autoroute peage.' These highways are marked by blue signs with the letter 'A.' 

Austria: Austria requires all vehicles using the autobahn to display a highway toll sticker. Rental companies in Austria charge approx US$0.65 per day for a toll sticker. Stickers are available at the border or gas stations when entering from another country 

I hope this helps a bit. 

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