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Coline asks:

Re: Credit Id Policy for Additional Drivers:

I am 41 and do not have credit to purchase a vehicle. I am changing jobs to another city and will have an income above $50,000 per year. I co-own my home with my husband and I am the secondary cardholder on everything. As a result, no personal credit score. My father wants to help ...would a long term car rental (under his name) for 6 months be a viable option while I establish my own credit?

My Response:

Being able to drive a car rental that is in someone else's name will only be possible if the  rental company does not require credit id from it's additional drivers.

(Your father would have to physically go the a location and rent a car in his name and you would have to be physically present to be authorized and signed onto the contract as an authorized additional driver.)

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I checked credit id policy for additional drivers with Alamo , Avis , Budget , Hertz , National and Thrifty for credit Id policy for additional drivers -- all require that any additional drivers of their rental cars, ALSO have credit identification in their own name (either a credit card or debit visa or mastercard - if the location accepts debit cards).

The only two companies that perhaps will have a bit of leeway are Dollar and just Enterprise .

Depending on the Dollar location your father would rent from, they may not require you, as an additonal driver to have credit id.

For Dollar an additional authorized driver must satisfy the age requirements, have a valid drivers license and must meet other rental car requirements, which vary by location.

The other rental car requirements (such as credit ID Policy) for additional drivers must be obtained by contacting the specific Dollar location from which you wish to rent a car.

I would suggest contacting the Dollar location in the city you wish to rent from (if there is one of course) to see if you would be able to sign on as additional driver without credit ID.

You might also check with an Enterprise location in the city that you rent from to see if it would be possible for you to sign on as an additional driver without a credit card.

For Enterprise - policy states that addtional drivers must "Present a major credit card in their name at the time of rental, or meet the locations cash qualifications requirements".

So it might be worth checking with Enterprise to find out about the cash qualifications for the particular city your father would rent in, to see if that particular location would allow you to qualify as an additional driver, with a cash qualification. See our page on Renting a Car with Cash.

Make sure when you're comparing pricing options, to include each company's costs for an additional driver.

Hope this helps!

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