Coverage for Injuries and Theft with Hertz through AutoEurope

Susan asks:

re: coverage for injuries and theft with Hertz through AutoEurope -- I'm renting Hertz car through Auto-Europe June 18-25 in France. I have no US car or insurance. I do have a Capital One Visa Platinum card which says to DECLINE CDW as they cover. But it does NOT cover inuries or there coverage that I can buy for that?

My Response:

First, I always recommend that you carefully read all the terms and conditions (and 

possible restrictions) of any cdw coverage through your credit card. It's just a good idea to be familiar with that information, especially if you're renting outside your normal country of residence.

When trying to answer your question, I wasn't totally sure if you mean possible theft of your belongings or possible theft of the rental car itself.

If theft you mean theft of your (and your passengers personal effects) you'd be looking coverage for :

Personal Insurance/Personal Effects Protection:

which provides medical coverage for authorised drivers, passengers and theft protection for stolen personal effects.

If you go to (opens in a new window) and plug in your city, dates, times, etc for your reservation, and then choose your car type, you can view details of that coverage under Rental Qualification and Requirements.

Costs for car rental coverage for injuries are not available online; they are only available at the Hertz rental counter when you pick up your rental car in France.

If you were speaking of theft of the actual rental car (not personal effects) when you spoke about theft, you'd be looking for:

Theft Protection:

Which protects you financially if your rental car is stolen. Hertz also sells that protection as well. You can see details of it (as well as the terms and conditions for declining it) by checking under Rental Qualification and Requirements, as suggested above.

Note: Your rate from Auto Europe may include theft protection (for the vehicle) in a basic rate. You should check your rate quote details for confirmation on this, if it was theft protection of the rental car that you were referring to.

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