How to Compare
Rental Car Insurance Rates

Renee asks:

I'm looking to compare rental car insurance rates for different rental companies. I've compared basic prices which are very similar but I know the insurance costs vary widely and that total cost will help make the decision. Can you help?

My Response:

In the same way that basic prices for the rental car itself vary from company to company,

 car size to car size, city to city and even location to location within the same city... car rental insurance rates vary as well.

There are no set prices for insurance  options for each company... they vary according to the above factors as well and will depend on which type of coverage you are looking at:

See Car Rental Insurance Overview for more

info on different types of coverage.

In order to compare rental car insurance rates, you would need to research pricing for each individual company, as you've done, and compare the cost for both the base rate of the car, and then the price if you select your preferred  insurance options. The price for optional car rental insurance will vary, even withing the same company, by location and often depend on the size car or vehicle that you rent.


Most car rental company websites (links open in new windows) , , , , , and > for example, allow you to price various optional insurance coverages when checking rates. is one exception --- they don't list their insurance prices online.. they're made available at the pickup counter, or you can try contacting a reservation agent over the phone to see if that info is available).

Make sure to compare rental car insurance rates from mulitiple car rental companies in addition to the cost of the rental car in order to determine which company offers the best bottom line price for the car plus coverage!

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