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Car rentals one way is one of the most expensive types of car rental you will find. Deals and specials are very rare! One way auto rentals can also be difficult to to even find. Searching for quotes from multiple companies is your best bet!

This type of rental may be limited by company, time and location. Research is the only way find availability and prices.

This type of rental may be limited by company, time and location. Research is the only way find availability and prices.

It's frustrating when you're trying make travel plans and are not able to make the car rental portion of your vacation or trip, work for you, logistically or financially.

The first tip I can give for one way auto rentals is to start planning in advance and do a lot of checking from different companies.

Because the rates are so much higher than regular rentals, you want to compare rates in order to find the best possible rate available to you.

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There are a variety of scenarios: a rental within the same state, the same province or the same city or from one to another. It simply is a rental where you pick up at one location and drop it off at a different location.

Even if you drop off your rental car in the same city, but at a different location, it can still be considered a one way reservation.

Booking car rentals one way may be necessary if you are taking a road trip and have other plans for your return journey. You may be going to visit a relative in another city and they are going to drive you back home and visit with you for awhile. You may be flying into a city to buy a vehicle that you want to drive home.

Sometimes you just want to pick up your vehicle at a location near your home and drop it off at the airport while you fly to your destination. This will save you the hassle and cost of parking your own vehicle at the airport or trying to get someone to drive you. You want do the reverse when you fly home.

Whether you wish to travel within a state or province or across the country, some car rentals one way, may only be available from an airport location, and must be dropped off at an airport location as well. Airport locations are generally larger, and the company will usually find it a lot easier to find someone who wants to rent the car and take it back to its' home location.

Finding One Way Auto Rentals

Find out if the car rental company has a lot of locations along the route you are taking or in the cities you will be visiting. Major companies are more likely to have a larger number of drop off locations around the country.

Check into what/if any the drop-off charges will be. There are two ways that one way rates are calculated; either you will have a base rate for the vehicle and an extra one way fee or drop off fee; or you will simply be charged a higher rate per day than you would if you were bringing the vehicle back to the same location.

Ask about other charges like fees for 

Possible Mileage Fees- Over mileage fees are those fees that you would incur if the mileage is limited during your rental. (example 100 miles per day free, each additional mile will cost more). Look for rentals with unlimited mileage, if possible.

Also, make sure that you look at your total rate, including the Rental Car Insurance (if you decided to purchase this),  Taxes and Surcharges and possible Optional Special Equipment Purchase.

You may often be limited on the size and type of vehicle that you can use for this type of rental. You may not be able to get a minivan or SUV. Check your options! 

Often people want to get car rentals one way when they are taking a cruise. You want to fly into a city and pick up a rental car. You then want to drop it off at the pier where you catch your cruise. When you come back, you do the reverse.

This saves you the cost of paying for the rental each day plus the cost of parking it for the days when you will be on your cruise.

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Note: Some rental companies may have a drop off location at the cruiseship terminal or it may be a location close by that will drive you over to the pier. Check with the rental company to see if they are on-site at the terminal.

Research your car rentals one way carefully, compare car rental rates and be sure to book as far in advance as you can!

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