Car Rentals for Persons with Disabilities

Rental companies are committed to offering car rentals for persons with disabilities by offering disabled renters needed equipment and options (such as a designated driver).

Each company offers a variety of options and equipment. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact a representative from any company, and you can usually find all the information you will need to know on their website. 

Disabled Renters with Designated (Surrogate) Driver

Car rental companies will rent to customers with disabilities who do not possess a driver's license, but are otherwise personally and financially responsible. The rental must be completed using the individual with the disability's credit card, and the surrogate driver's (or designated driver’s) license. The designated driver or surrogate driver must be 25 years of age and complete an additional driver form at the time of rental. There will be no additional driver fee for the designated driver.

Special Equipment

Hand control-equipped vehicles are readily available for rental at most U.S. and Canadian locations for handicapped customers. Car rentals for persons with disabilities must be requested in advance through your car rental company in order to be guaranteed at the time of pick up.

The most common types of special equipment provided include:

    Transfer Boards

    These enable easier transfer from a wheelchair into and out of the vehicle.

    Panoramic Mirror

    This provides a much larger field of view for any driver.

    Swivel Seat

    A swivel seat allows the driver or passenger to turn his or her body in the car seat with limited effort. The swivel seat can easily be removed from underneath the person for transport.

    Hand Controls

    Enables drivers to accelerate or brake using a hand-controlled device. Drivers without disabilities are able to drive the vehicle without interference from the hand controls.

    Spinner Knob

    Enables the driver to turn the steering wheel with a full turning radius using only one hand.

Looking to Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Van?


You can check your preferred car rental company’s special phone numbers for TTY/TDD – speech and Hearing Impaired Services on our Car Rental Phone Numbers page.


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