Car Rental Underage Fees

Most companies have a minimum age of 25 to rent a car without incurring car rental underage fees.

Most corporate owned (non-licensee) locations with most companies will allow individuals to rent a car (or other vehicle) from them, at a lower age (usually 21-24) with an extra, daily underage car rental surcharge.

There are a few rental companies that will allow someone under 21 years of age to rent a car.  

It is very important to check policies for each specific location that you may choose to rent from, as some locations have different terms of rental.  

Also, independent licensee operators may not honor the same terms as corporate owned companies/locations in the same city!

Looking for Under 21 Car Rental?

According to E-Z Rent A renters aged 18 - 20 years old are allowed to rent from their corporate locations with an underage surcharge of an extra USD $35 per day , Hertz (opens in a new window) rents to 20 year-olds at most locations and (opens in a new window) also rents to those 20 and older.

For car rental companies the normal additional daily fee averages $25 - $35 in most US States and ranges from $27 - $45 a day in Canada. (See Exceptions to normal fees below)

Car rental underage fees (and minimum rental age) can vary from city to city, so it's impossible to get a specific fee amount for an individual rental company.  You must check policies or terms & conditions for the specific location, company and car class that you want to rent. (opens in a new window) tends to have the lowest underage car rental fees; they start at $10 per day and go up, depending on the city you rent from (average is around $20/day). When you're checking rates, choose the age category (along with location and dates) and hit search. Then, by your preferred car type, click the see detail link to view the young renter fee that will be charged.

Exceptions for Underage Car Rental Surcharges

Insurance Replacement Car Rentals

Government Employee Rentals

Corporate or Business Rentals.

Exceptions to the Usual Fees

In the United States, there are also additional exceptions to normal, average underage fee:

    New York state : The minimum age for NY is 18 years of age, subject to underage fees from $35-$52 per day, (depending on the company) and sometimes dependent on age and/or vehicle type. Rates are generally higher for renters 18 – 20 and on the lower end of the scale for those 21 - 24.

    Michigan: For some car rental companies (or specific locations in that state) minimum age is 18 years of age, with an underage fee of up to $45 per day,(depending on the company) and sometimes dependent on age. Rates are generally higher for renters 18 – 20 and on the lower end of the scale for those 21 - 24.

    For some car rental companies (or specific locations) no renters under 25 years of age are allowed in Washington, DC or Montgomery, AL

For exceptions to the usual fees for Canadian rental, check with your preferred provider for information about the individual location you with to rent from.

Note:  Many car rental companies will restrict younger drivers from renting certain specialty and larger sized vehicles, while some charge a larger than normal fee for younger drivers who rent those vehicles.

As with any car rental policy, it is imperative to check directly with the company/location that you want to rent from to determine their particular age requirement and their car rental underage fees.

*Note: Car rental companies can modify policy at any time; I make every attempt to maintain up-to-date info, but always check with an individual company to verify any policy. See: Disclaimer

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