Use Car Rental Specials to
Find the Best Prices

Finding Rental Car Promotions

Car rental specials are almost constantly advertised. Before getting quotes, look for  ads in magazines, newspapers and online for great promo offers, discounts and deals!

For the providers, they are a way to grab your attention and get you to check out their website or call their toll-free number, looking for the best deals.

When available, a special is a great way to lower the cost to rent a car.  Promotions allow companies to get more of their cars booked in advance and allow you to save money!

The best way to get access to lots of offers is to sign up on each auto rental website for their email updates.

The kinds of rental car specials that are mentioned below, work best if you're searching in advance for a reservation. It's best to book at least 2 - 4 weeks in advance, if you can, but there are some tips on finding last minute car rental deals.

There are basic types of specials and car rental promo offers that are the most common.

Discount Car Rental Promotions

Coupon Offers

Free Day or Dollars Off 

Many rental company websites offer Dollars off and/or Free Day car rental specials, from time to time. The amount of money taken off your total can range from $5 - $50 off, depending on the car rental company, the length of the rental or the price per day, if it is a Free Day offer.

These rental car specials will usually be limited to certain types or sizes of vehicles.

Percentage Off 

These types of offers are common and are usually available only on weekly or weekend rates. Rather than $20 off or a free day, you can receive a percentage off your rental total... before taxes, of course!

Sometimes you can find partner deals for rental car discounts (10% off when you use a certain credit card to pay for the rental, etc).

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Many companies do not offer rental car specials in the New York area, Alaska or Hawaii. Check your terms and conditions for these restrictions.

Prepaid Specials

Paying for the Rental in Advance

Many rental companies will offer their best car rental deals or rental car promotions, if you pay for the reservation in advance. You can usually save a certain percentage off, if you prepay. This will involve providing your credit card number at the time of booking; the full amount of the rental will be automatically charged to your credit card.

More about PrePaid Car Rental

Car Rental Promo by Location

Locations may offer rental car promotions based on a geographic area (midwest), a specific state or city, like seasonal Florida car rental specials, or the deal may be based on the type of car rental location. You may find an offer available only at the airport, or budget car rental specials only available at off-airport, or neighborhood locations.

Check out some more money saving tips:

Try to always take advantage of possible car rental specials that may be available... every dollar counts!

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