Car Rental Reservations
Best Tips on How to Rent a Car

Making car rental reservations is easy.. making sure you get the best price possible is a little trickier! But all it takes is some time and patience!

Make sure to compare rates from as many companies as possible before you make any final decision... start planning your car rental as soon as possible!

When you book a car in advance you'll have more options on the types of vehicles are available and you'll often get a better price because, car rental pricing is based on availability.

While there are some times that you can find great last minute specials, making a car rental reservation at the last minute, usually means you pay more!

How to Rent a Car Cheap? Book Right Away!

The more cars available, the lower the prices will generally be for advanced rental car bookings. Most companies have goals for booking so many vehicles at a certain price. If they want to get cars booked in advance they will have lower rates available for renters that book earlier.

As the availability of vehicles becomes tighter, the cost for the remaining vehicles starts to go up.

Advanced car rental reservations allowl companies to manage their fleets.

Finding Last Minute Car Rental Deals

There are such things as last minute car rental specials but they are hard to find; you have to be at the right place at the right time. If you happened to approach a rental counter for a car rental company where 20 people had just cancelled their SUV bookings, you'll get a great price! The company would rather rent them at a lower rate than have them sit in the parking lot!

When looking at how to rent a car, the easiest ways to make an advance booking are online or over the phone.

Most car rental companies advertise that their lowest rate is online and there are also travel booking sites such as Expedia, Travelocity and Priceline through which you can get great rates. If you take advantage of auto rental discounts, such as car rental discount codes and rental coupons you can often match or even beat online rates when you call the car rental companies directly.

Click here for a list of car rental phone numbers.

When you want to know how to rent a car, one of the most important things to know is what info you need BEFORE you reserve. There are things that you will need to know that will make researching car rental prices much easier when you are ready to book a rental.

Before you go to book a car online or over the phone, make sure you know:

Location - what are you city/locations of pickup and return (airport or off airport)

Discount Info - if you will be using a car rental discount code, a corporate account or wanting to collect frequent flyer miles... have those numbers ready!!

Preferred Vehicle - know type of vehicle you'll be looking for (car, van, SUV) and what size (compact, midsize, full size).

The more information you have ready, the easier it will be to make a car rental reservation quickly... make sure to compare rates from as many companies as possible in order to get the best rate!

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