Car Rental Policies

Car Rental policies are the rules and regulations that providers have set in place to govern every aspect of your car rental.

There are regulations and restrictions on who can rent a car, who else, besides you, can drive it, where you take it and when you return it... and so much more!

Rental regulations may vary from company to company, but there are general guidelines about car rental policy that we can talk about.

Below is an overview of the most common policies that you need to know about when renting a car, with links to our pages of research on that particular topic. *Note: companies can modify policy at any time; I make every attempt to maintain up-to-date info, but always check with an individual company to verify any policy. See: Disclaimer

Minimum Age

How old do you have to be rent a car? Information on requirements and underage fees for a variety of companies.

Maximum Age to Rent a Car

List of various countries and car rental companies that mandate maximum age restrictions for the renting of automobiles.

Credit Identification

Do you need a credit card to rent a car? Information on car rental credit requirements, credit card vs debit card and also how to get cash rentals.

Renting a Car with Cash

Information (company specific, where available) about cash rentals.

Car Rental Debit Card Rental Policies

Company specific car rental policies with regards to the availaiblity and procedures for using a debit card to rent a car.

Car Rental Deposits

Information on Credit Card Deposits and Holds at the beginning of your rental. All companies require you to leave some form of deposit to secure your rental, before they will let you take the vehicle off the lot.

Driver’s License Requirements

Information on car rental policies with regards to drivers license requirements for renters and tips on what the DMV check involves.

Additional Drivers

Does an additional driver have to be 25? Information and car rental policy on age and credit card requirements for additional drivers.

Rental Car Insurance

It's important to know all your options before buying or declining optional coverages at the rental counter. Rental car insurance information including loss damage waivers, credit card coverages, personal coverage.

Car Rental Agreements/Car Rental Contracts

Lists the terms and conditions of your car rental. Always read ait and keep it with you in the rental car.

Car Rental Taxes and Surcharges

A guide to car rental taxes, surcharges and additional fees.

Car Rental Toll Pass Options

Information about the Toll Pass options that are offered by car rental companies; like Plate Pass, EZ Pass, etc.

After Hours Returns

Information on returning a vehicle after the car rental location is closed.

Late Returns/Grace Period

Some car rental companies offer a grace period for returns and some do not. It used to be that car rental companies would give you an hour's grace period for a late return. This is no longer an option! Information that I've gathered regarding late returns, grace periods and hourly rates (if applicable) 

Returning a Rental Early

Policy guidelines for a variety of car rental companies on returning your rental car early. Also includes information on whether or not the companies charge an early return fee.

Car Rental Cancellations/No Show Fees

Advice on Cancellation policies and No Show Fees for your car rental.

Extending Your Car Rental

Find out how to make car rental extensions; what do you need to do if you want to change the return date on your rental car.

Border Crossings

Information on crossing the border with your rental car. U.S. into Canada,Canada into U.S. and U.S. into Mexico.

Accidents with a Rental Car

What do do if you are involved in an accident with your rental car, or get a parking ticket or traffic violation.

Car Rentals and Towing

Can you use your rental car to tow a boat or trailer?

Rental Car Fuel Options

To fill or not to fill?

Car Rental Smoking Policy

Guide to various car rental company's Smoking Policies.

Car Rental Pick Up Service

Guide to pick up service; convenient and free!

Travel with Pets in a Rental Car

Taking a pet in a rental car is no problem; just keep these few tips in mind to make your trip more enjoyable and to help avoid a cleaning charge from your provider.

Roadside Assistance Programs

Find out about roadside help programs during your rental. Overview of services provided by various auto rental companies as well as cost associated (if available).

Car Rental Gift Certificates

Where to Buy Car Rental Gift Certificates to use towards your next rental. Gift certificates towards an auto rental make a great gift.

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