Car Rental Pick Up Service

Car Rental pick up service is convenient and, if offered, Free!

Many car rental companies offer a free local pick up service; usually within a 5 mile radius of the location or within a 15 minute drive of the car rental location

This service is generally not offered at airport locations, only neighborhood or off-airport locations.

One of the most well-know companies offering free pickup service is Enterprise. They advertise this feature strongly and are proud to offer this service to customers.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise car rental pickup service is something that must be arranged, in advance directly with the specific Enterprise location that you will be renting from. They will set up a time and place where they will pick you up to take you to their location 

to complete your paperwork and get your rental.   Other car rental companies pickup service works on the same basis (when available):

One great thing with Enterprise is that they will also make arrangements to arrange a drop off for you (to your home or business) after your rental has been completed, as long as you are returning your rental during the normal business hours of that particular Enterprise location. 

Auto rental companies will not drop off the vehicle to you, but they will pick you up and take you to the location to fill out your rental agreement and rent your car.

Pick up service can usually only be guaranteed on an advance reservation and it is recommended that you call the rental location direct, at least an hour before pick-up, to guarantee this service.

Other companies may not offer the drop off arrangements when returning your rental... make sure to ask about the availability of this option from your preferred rental company!!

If the rental company is not able to provide pick up because they are overbooked for this service and don’t have anyone available to come get you, ask if they will reimburse you for cab fare!

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