Car Rental Miscellaneous Topics

Car Rental Miscellaneous & Travel/Auto related extras are a collection of topics about car rentals that you may be interested in.

While this site concentrates on giving you information to help you get car rental discounts, cheaper rates and tips on making  reservations and finding specials, we also wanted to provide

 some extra information that can help you find all the information that you need to get the most out of your car rental experience!

Buying Used Rental Cars

Tips on buying rental cars and where to look for used rental car sales sites and locations.

Auto Rental Companies

An overview of what information on this site can be found that is specific to the car rental company that is covered. Links are provided to company history, company specific deals and specials as well as links to car rental discount codes for each company.

Car Rental Vehicle Guide

A basic guide to various rental car cateogories or size classifications... includes some make and model examples and standard or common features.

Special Equipment for Car Rental

A listing of some of the popular special equipment offerings from car rental companies, including child safety seat rentals, gps rentals and special equipment for renters with disabilities.

Because it is necessary to follow the child saftey seat guidelines for the specific area that you are renting a car in, and not the area that you are from, this page will also provide you with links to child saftey seat regulations for the United States and Canada.

Truck and Cargo Van Rentals

Tips on various sizes and types of truck and cargo van rentals for moving.

Frequent Renter Programs

Information on the benefits of joining frequent renter programs and the benefits offered by car rental reward programs.

Business Car Rental Programs

Information on business rentals and car rental corporate accounts programs.

If you rent cars on business, you should look into setting up accounts with your car rental company(s) of choice, to take advantage of the many benefits and rewards available to business renters.

Car Rentals for Persons with Disabilities

Information on car rentals for persons with disabilities, and those disabled renters who require a designated driver.

Rental companies are committed to offering car rentals for persons with disabilities. Each company offers a variety of options and equipment.

Earn Airline Miles with your Car Rental

You can earn airlines miles on your car rental with most airlines and most car rental companies. Find out how many miles you can earn.

Airport Codes

List of worldwide airport codes

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