Car Rental Gift Certificates

Car rental gift certificates can be a great gift idea for the frequent renter that you may know.  While they don't take the place of having to show credit identification, if you're

looking to help someone pay for a rental car, it's an option that is available for a few companies.  

You may find this easier than giving someone cash, writing a cheque or wiring a money order.

I did some research and found two car rental companies that offer gift certificate  information on their respective websites (company links open in a new window).

According to gift certificates can be purchased by calling 1-877-467-8471 between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

To purchase a Budget car rental gift certificate, you can place an order by going to and click on the Specials tab (across the top of the homepage) and select rental certificates.

Note: At the time of pick up, for either Avis or Budget, there will still be a credit hold placed on your credit card for the rental. The credit card must be in the name of the renter.   

When the rental car is returned and the total amount of the rental cost is calculated, the gift certificate(s) may be redeemed toward the cost of the rental. It's important to know that, once purchased,  the certificates  — and any unused portion of the redeemed certificate — are not refundable.  If you have $200 in certificates and the rental charges total $187.50, you will not get back the $12.50

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While I could not find any other rental car companies that offered the sale of gift cards by them directly - through their website- I would also suggest that you may be able to find certificates other places as well... such as  gift , ebay and kijiji (in Canada).  Just make sure you understand the terms of use of those sites, and make sure that any certificates that you may purchase are authentic, and not expired.

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