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Car rental FAQs are questions that I have answered from our site's visitors. Questions range from policy questions on age and drivers license; rental company or location specific questions about one way car rentals and long term car rentals; to how to get a discount code, finding specials, coupons and so much more!

The links below feature Questions about Car Rental that have been submitted by readers just like you.

I have personally answered each question and at the end of each page, have also provided links to related topics that can be found on this site. 

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Company/Location Specific Questions

Questions about Truck Rentals

Questions about International Car Rentals

Questions & Answers on Policies

Is there a way to avoid a car rental underage fee?

Can I allow my 18 year old to drive my rental car?

Can I drive across the Canadian Border in Rental Car?

Is an International License needed here?

Is it possible to get a rental car if I'm under 21 years old?

What is the minimum age to rent in Hawaii?

What's the Financial Responsibility of an Additional Driver?

Can a Canadian Citizen (but US resident) take a rental across the border?

Can I use a rental car for my drivers test?

Is there any leeway for under 25 fees when I rent a car?

Why do car rental companies charge for a second driver?

I was charged an early return fee; can I dispute this charge?

Can I rent a car using a prepaid visa debit card?

Are there any insurance issues if I drive into Canada with the rental car?

Looking at renting a car in Austin to travel into Mexcio... Is this allowed?

Do any car rental companies not charge an additional driver fee for spouse?

Can I rent a car (with my credit card) without actually driving it? my husband will be the only driver?

Are there geographic restrictions for car rentals with unlimited mileage?

Can you rent a car with a traffic citation or temporary driving permit?

Will a car rental drivers license check prevent me from being added as an additional driver on my employer's rental car?

What is the deposit required for a Hertz car rental prepaid with Priceline?

Can I Park my own Car at the Car Rental Parking Lot?

What are the rental car underage fees for an additional driver... particularly an additional driver in New York?

Can an additional driver be added for part of a rental?

What's the credit id policy for additional drivers?

Questions & Answers about Coupons & Discounts

What's the Best Car Rental Coupon to Use?

Do we have to show membership proof to get a discount car rental?

Can I get a car rental discount as a British Airways Member?

What's the best way get a free car rental upgrade?

Why won't my Avis Free Day Coupon Work?

Which Budget discount code is the best?

Can I use a weekly rental coupon even if I return the rental car early?

Where can I use my entertainment book coupons for car rental?

What is the Car Rental Discount with a Costco Credit Card?

Do I have to pay car rental taxes with my United Airlines Rewards free car rental coupon?

Where can I find Avis car rental discount coupons for my Florida trip this winter?

How can I find Enterprise car rental coupons?

How can I get a free rental car?

When you use an AWD number to get a better deal with Avis, do you have to prove where you got the Avis discount code?

Where can I find a Budget car rental online coupon?

What percentage discount can I get with car rental promo codes?

Can I use American Express Car Rental Rewards Certificates with other rental car discount codes?

Can I use a rental car promo code on a reservation that's already been booked?

Where can I find a Hertz car rental coupon to use for an upcoming reservation?

When using Enterprise american express rewards certificates, where do you put the certificate number?

How to add Avis Amex Rewards Certificates to a reservation that's already made? 

Questions & Answers about Deals and Specials

What are your best car rental tips for a first-time renter?

Where can I find the best deal on a minivan rental?

Is it better to book in advance or find last minute specials?

When do the oneway car rental deals going to Florida start?

Can I get the Enterprise auto rental weekend special that I saw, even if I take the car out of Canada?

Are there any car rental deals for business owners?

Are the best rental car rates Online or in-person at the pickup counter?

Where can I find a rental car for under 20 dollars per day total?

Is it possible to get a deal for multiple car rental bookings?

When's the best time to find last minute car rental deals?

Why can't I seem to be able to book the low price rental car promotions on Hotwire Car Rental?

Questions & Answers about One Way Car Rentals

Can you Help me find a one way minivan rental?

Can I get a one-way rental in Florida with no drop fee?

Which is better, a moving van rental or a minivan rental?

How can I get a cheaper one way rental from Atlanta??

When do the oneway car rental deals going to Florida start?

How can I get a cheaper one way car rental from Minneapolis for 3 days?

How can I find Arizona one way specials for 2010?

Can I get a one way rental car from Chicago without having to pay a drop off charge??

How can I find a one way cargo van rental?

When and with which company can I find one way car rental deals from the south to the northwest US?

Can I get a car rental drop off at Port Canaveral for no extra charge?

Can you help me find a car rental to pick up in Kelowna and drop off in Seattle?

Can I get a oneway car rental from Canada to New York?

Should I rent an SUV or large car to for a one way trip?

Which company has the lowest one way rental car drop off charge from Vegas to Phoenix?

Possible to pick up a rental car in Toronto and drop off in Washington?

How can I not be charged for a one way rental while on a cruise?

Questions & Answers about Monthly Rentals

Is a Monthly Car Rental Cheaper than 3 Seperate Rentals?

How can I find some good monthly car rental deals for my son?

Which is the best car rental company for a long term rental?

How can I get the best long term car rental rates for a large SUV?

How can I find long term rental discounts for a 10 week rental?

Can I get a monthly rate for car rental if I return the rental car early?

What's the best price for a two month car rental?

What is the deposit on a long term car rental?

How can I find the cheapest car rental for a month in NYC?

Can I get the Enterprise car rental monthly discount, plus a free upgrade?

Is it possible to switch to month long car rental and get a monthly rate?

Can you split the charges on a 60 day car rental?

Questions & Answers about Rental Car Insurance

Does my Mastercard car rental coverage fully cover my rental car?

Does my credit card provide rental insurance coverage?

Can you purchase insurance for a rental car from someplace other than the rental company?

What's the cheapest coverage to rent a car for a month?

Is the Amex car rental protection a better deal than the loss damage waivers that the car rental companies sell?

Do you have suggestions or concerns I should be aware of regarding Mexico rental car insurance? ?

What are the lowest insurance costs for renting a car?

Is it true that credit card CDW coverage is not valid in Las Vegas?

What is the minimum insurance required to rent a car?

Is rental car insurance necessary if you already have insurance?

Can Hertz car insurance be purchased by other drivers if they don't have their own automobile insurance? What are the Hertz insurance options?

Is California rental car insurance different than car rental insurance in other states?

How much is the insurance rate for car rental when the renter is under 25 and is over 25?

Whose car insurance covers the rental car?

How can I compare rental car insurance rates from different rental companies?

Can I buy coverage for injuries and theft with Hertz through AutoEurope ?

Does Hertz accept Geico insurance in Puerto Rico?

 Reservation Questions and Answers

Are Hotwire Car Rentals, (giving my credit card upfront) safe?

Can I get a lower security fee on my car rental??

Will I get the best price if I book a mini-van on-line vs by phone or locally?

Is it ok to make multiple car rental bookings, but only use one?

Which is better, a minivan or SUV and is it cheaper to rent in the States?

How do I find the lowest daily rate on a rental car; is it with a weekly rate?

Is car rental cheaper at the airport if I only need the car for a few days?

How can I find a place to rent a van for 10 people?

Don't companies honor guaranteed car rental rates?

Does your citizenship have anything to do with the price you will get on a rental car?

How can I find my rental car confirmation number?

How long does the rental car company hold the reservation?

Is a rental car reservation deal honored if you show up one hour early?

Can you help me find a cheap rental minivan in California?

Is there availability for an SUV rental from Florida to drive into Canada with unlimited mileage?

Company/Location Specific Questions & Answers

Which companies are on site at the Tampa Airport?

Can I get a driver for a rental car?

Is there a difference in car rental price between the two airport locations in Houston?

Can you help me find pricing information to rent a 16 foot cube truck in Ottawa?

How can I get information on Budget rental car sales?

How can I find a minivan with unlimited mileage from Dollar?

Can you help me find a pickup truck rental for San Antonio next month?

Can you tell me all the NYC car rental locations?

With which car rental companies can I rent a smart car?

Which car rental company will let us reserve a car rental to drop off at Port Canaveral Cruiseship Terminal?

Is Car Rental 8 a legitimate company?

What is the Cost to Rent a Car Seat?

Can you give a list of all the Budget Car Rental Edmonton locations?

Are there any tips for cheaper Hawaii rental cars?

Looking at renting an all wheel drive vehicle, but not an SUV. Which car rental companies carry those?

Can you take a rental car between Mexico and the United States?

Are there any Canadian car rental companies that have unlimited mileage on minivans?

Is it recommended to rent a car from Enterprise location other than the airport?

Re: Dallas car rental -- can I pick my own rental car at IAH?

What's the cheapest vehicle for Alamo car rental at the Orlando airport?

How do I go about getting a rental car not from the airport in Chicago?

Can I take a car rental from Alaska into Canada?

How can I get my car rental 8 booking email sent to me?

Questions & Answers about Truck Rentals

Can you help me find pricing information to rent a 16 foot cube truck?

How can I find pickup truck rental locations in San Antonio?

Where can I rent a vehicle for towing in Los Angeles?

Renting a cargo van or renting a large truck...which is better?

How can I find a one way cargo van rental?

Can I get a Budget Truck Rental Discount using a Car Rental Discount Code?

Is a weekly cargo van rental cheaper?

Questions & Answers about International Rentals

Is cross border travel allowed for a rental car from Milan?

Can I travel between Eastern European Countries with a rental car?

Can I drive a Zurich rent a car into Eastern European countries?

What is the required rental deposit for a car rental in Germany?

Is an International License needed here?

Who will allow the hire of a car from Barcelona to be driven to the UK?

Is it possible to rent a car in Portugal to travel into Morocco?

Who allows you to rent a car in Germany and travel into Croatia?

Is a sticker for toll highways in Switzerland also good in other countries?

What Ibiza rent a car locations are on site at the airport?

How can I get a Belgium car hire discount (at the BRU airport)?

Are there any driving restrictions for an Ireland car rental?

Is any car rental company located at Cape Town Station?

Can I rent a car in Puerto Rico and take it on the ferry?

Can I still rent a car with points on my UK drivers license?

Are there any restrictions for day trip into Spain with a Hertz car rental from Montpelier, France?

Where can I get Info on Cross Border Fees and Stickers in Amsterdam?

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