Buying Rental Cars

Looking at buying rental cars? Discover places to buy rental cars for your next vehicle purchase. Rental car sales are offered by many auto rental companies; many have special sites and programs that list their vehicles for sale.

You can often find a great deal; it is a popular option for those looking to purchase a used vehicle.

Most car rental companies carry a large fleet of vehicles that they can only keep for a few years. Some companies used to have buy-back programs with vehicle manufacturers, but this is less and less common.

Most car rental companies have their own car rental sales businesses where they sell their used rental cars after they are done renting them (this may be after a certain amount of time or a certain number of miles driven - check with your preferred provider to determine their specific policies).

Rental cars, while driven by multiple people, often receive more care and regular maintenance than the average consumer-owned vehicle that gets put up for private sale.

When you look into rental car sales, ask the company for detailed information on the maintenance history of the vehicle and for any accident reports.

Most used rental cars that go up for sale are one to two years old and often have less than 30,000 miles on it. Often they still have an existing warranty.

Most companies have their sales fleet localized in certain cities or areas. You can google “buying rental cars” for website information for various auto rental companies or call the companies toll-free number for a phone number for a car rental sales location near you.

You can also try the following sites that offer rental vehicles for sale:


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    Enterprise Rent a Car Sales


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