Business Car Rentals & Discounts

Companies who are looking for business car rentals can apply for corporate accounts with multiple car rental companies. These accounts may provide discounted rates and avariety of rental benefits.

If you are an employee of a large, national company which requires car rental for 

business, chances are they already have a corporate account which offers discounts and benefits with one or several rental companies. 

You can check with whomever sets up travel arrangements or employee discounts for your company or you can check with a car rental reservation agent if calling the  company's toll-free number.

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Overview of Small Business/Corporate Program Benefits for 9 Car Rental Companies

If you are self-employed or own your own business, and need rental cars on a regular basis, you should look into setting up a business account with one or more car rental companies.

Most have special car rental for business discount programs for small organizations that don't require any minimum car rentals per year. You should apply for programs with as many car rental companies as you can... while you may have one provider that you use regularly, if you find yourself in a situation where your normal provider is sold out. Having a few options will be to your benefit!

Many car rental companies will offer flexible billing packages. You may choose to have all your company's car rentals centrally billed or have each renter be billed individually. Direct billing programs are offered to help cut down on paperwork, by offering monthly billing statements for your business.

Many companies also offer special coupons and even rebate offers to their business account members.

You may also wish to check into car sharing as an option for your business car rentals .... this works great for many companies who need to rent cars frequently... but only for a short amount of time, like an afternoon.

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