Budget Truck Rental Discount

Aaron asks:

Can I get a Budget truck rental discount using the same code as for a rental car? I have a car rental discount code for Budget rent a car, through AAA - U089000.

My Response:

YES...It appears that you can get a discount truck rental from Budget using that BCD number! My intial thought was that it wouldn't work, but I wanted to check first to make sure.

I went to Budget Truck.com (opens in a new window) and checked the price on a cargo van for a random city that I chose. Then I went back to the beginning of the rate search and entered the BCD number (Budget Discount Code) for AAA, you provided. The rate dropped by $5.24 per day and it lowered the price on additional miles as well.

I'm not sure if all Budget Codes can be used for a Budget truck rental discount, but it would certainly be worth it to try any codes or promo numbers  that you might have.

By the way, I also noticed that when I put in the BCD number for the truck rental quote, it also showed that I could enter an AWD number as well (Avis and Budget are owned by the same parent company). Good to know -- any way you can get a discount truck rental should be explored!

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