Finding Budget Rental Car Sales

Stephen asks:

How can I find information on Budget rental car sales? I'm looking into buying a rental car through Budget. How can I find out if they sell some of their older cars? Thank you.

My Response:

Budget does offer car rental sales for their used vehicles,  but not necessarily every car 

or vehicle that is or has been in their fleet may be offered for sale.  Currently they have vehicles available in 13 states.

All older vehicles may not be available, as some car rental companies have buy back programs from the automobile manufacturers. You can find more information about Budget car rental sales online.

There is special website for Budget rental car sales, that allows you to search vehicles by make, model and year or your can search for information on buying a budget car through price or style (ie. suv, truck, car, etc).  They offer a large inventory of vehicles, a try before you buy option, financing options and the ability to take trade ins.

You can access the website for buying a rental car from Budget through a link at the bottom of (opens in a new window) or you can go directly to the car rental sales site at:

Budget Car Sales

Hope this helps!

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