Best Budget Discount Code?

Terry asks:

I have budget car codes with Costco, Delta Skymiles, US Airways, Hilton HHonors, BJ's and Allstate Motor Club. I'm looking for the best Budget car rental discount. Is there an easy way to find out which Budget car rental discount is the best? I'm looking for a rental car (small) at Detroit Metro Airport, July 23 for a week.

My Response:

It's unfortunate, but there really is no quick and easy way to tell or know which Budget discount code will be the best for your trip. Rental car discounts can be the same with 

any membership and they can be different... and this can vary from rental to rental.

I checked for DTW July 23rd for 7 days with (opens in a new window):

(I always like to have a base rate for comparison.) Then I checked with the Budget (I called in to a reservation center) for discounts that you have. 

Each code gave the same rate; approximately a 10% discount. That is quite common, especially during peak season (like summer). Basically, the rental car company will only discount so much in the summer, because demand is higher than supply.

I noticed a special on the website for 50% off weekly rates at airport locations, and a special for compact cars for $199 a week.... but both of these specials required a pickup by June 30/09.

You can check for current Budget Car Rental Specials on this site through 

Current Offers (

As you continue to use Budget discount codes (or those from other companies), you will get a feel for which ones, if any, give you better rates than others. I would say to always check using at least 2 codes, but you may want to check all rates with all codes, to find the best out of the Budget discount codes you have.

Also, those membership programs that you mentioned, may have rental car discount codes with other companies as well. 

Hope this helps!

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