Best Car Rental Company for
a Long Term Rental?

Eduardo asks:

re: Best Car Rental Company for a Long Term Rental -- Hello, I live in Long Island and I would like to rent a car for a little longer than two months. What company do you recommend for long term rentals? Thank you.

My Response: 

I don't think that there is one "best car rental company for a long term rental" for any 

particular rental situation. I don't recommend any particular company in general, be it for a long term rental or just a regular rental of a few days or a week. Car rental rates vary from company to company, in city to city and based on dates, times, car type, surcharges, fees, etc.

I think the best company is the one that provides whatever things that are the most important for you during a particular rental. It may be a certain type of car, it may be the price, it may be the location, the service, etc. What I suggest is that you check monthly car rental rates for multiple car rental companies in your area. It's easy to do online. Make sure that you are comparing car rental rates for the same dates, times and car size and make sure to look at your total rate (including taxes and surcharges).

If you will be purchasing Car Rental Insurance , include that too. If you will be needing an additional driver, check the surcharge for that as well. If you have one or more Discount Code for certain companies, make sure to check rates with that as well.

Make sure that you're aware of possible geographic or mileage restrictions, if any. One car rental company's rate may be less than another's, but if the mileage on the rental car is not unlimited, and you would go over the mileage restriction and have to pay extra, all of a sudden, their monthly car rental rate may NOT be cheaper than the company who offers unlimited mileage.

Bottom line, by doing some research and comparing rental car companies, you'll find the best car rental company for a long term rental.... for you... for this particular monthly car rental. Hope this helps!

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