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Can We Avoid the Car Rental Underage Fee?

Tim asks:

I need to know if there is a way I can avoid the car rental underage fee. Are there any car rental companies that will waive the underage fee? I'm 23 years old and trying to get the cheapest car rental I can, for a trip next month. Thanks!

My Response:

One of the only ways that I am aware of that may allow you to avoid the car rental 

underage fee is to check and see if the company that you work for has a corporate account with any car rental companies.

 Many larger companies that sign up for a corporate or business account can negotiate an agreement with the car rental companies to lower or often, waive the charge associated with being a young driver.

Also, the charge is usually waived for government employees and active duty military personnel.

Check out more details at:

Business Car Rentals Overview

Business Rental Programs and Benefits

Government Rentals

If you find you're not able to avoid the car rental underage fee, make sure to compare rates from as many car rental companies as possible... and compare bottom line prices - not just the base rate of the car itself. Different car rental companies charge different young renter fees. When you add the cost of the rental car itself to the cost of any extra or optional fees (ie, underage, insurance, etc) you'll have bottom line prices to compare to find which car rental company will give you the best price.

Good luck, hope this helps!

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