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Katelyn asks:

I'm looking at the Alamo car rental Orlando airport (I always book with Alamo), but I've never been to Florida and we're wanting to rent Thanksgiving weekend and we're worried about the prices being crazy. Is the cheapest car always the smallest economy car? Also, is Alamo onsite at the airport or will we have to get a shuttle? Our flight doesn't arrive until 9pm Thursday evening.

My Response:

Prices will undoubtedly be higher than usual during Thanksgiving (it's a peak travel time 

for the whole country, not just auto rental in Orlando). My biggest tip is to do your comparison shopping and book as far in advance as you can.

That gives you the most choices. If you don't prepay a rental in advance, you can continue to check rates and book something else if you find a cheaper rental later on. See our Comparing Car Rental Rates Tips.

Note... when I was checking for those dates.. the cheapest car available was a convertible (about $30 cheaper than a small car).; followed by mid and standard size SUVs and then a full size crossover (Dodge Journey was the example given). These were all cheaper than an economy car... at least this early (two months before the rental).

That may not be for long... rates are based on availability and there are sure to be less convertibles and SUVs in their fleet than economy cars.

Auto rental Alamo at the Orlando Airport is on site.  After you collect your baggage, you take the elevator to the first floor in the terminal. The Alamo counter is in the middle of the first floor.

Hope that helps!

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