What if you have an
Accident with a Rental Car?

In the event of an accident with a rental car, contact the renting location as quickly as possible, or call any Emergency Road Service, if offered by the car rental company, for assistance.

All car rental accidents that involve bodily injury have to be reported to the local police department where the accident occurred. The driver of the vehicle is required to complete and file an accident report for the rental company, as well as any reports required by local or state authorities.

This report is for both parties' protection, and is particularly important if the renter has purchased a damage waiver from the rental company.

Once the accident report is completed, you should be able to continue with your rental. Your rental company will let you know the arrangements to make if you need a
replacement vehicle.

Stolen Rental Car

If the rental car is stolen, first call the local police or appropriate law enforcement agency. Next, call the nearest office of the rental company, give them your contract agreement or confirmation number and explain what has happened. If it's after hours call the company’s toll free number for instructions.

No one wants to think about accidents, but they can happen to even to the most careful drivers.

Never violate your rental agreement by:

driving while intoxicated or under the influence of a controlled substance
allowing an unauthorized person to drive your rental car

leaving the windows, doors or trunk unlocked, or leaving the keys in the ignition when parked

If your rental agreement is violated, it makes any damage waivers that you may have purchased, void. Always make sure to familiarize yourself with all of the terms and conditions of your rental agreement or rental contract.

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Remember that, as the renter, you are liable for all parking and moving traffic violations, both domestic and international. Always drive carefully and obey all traffic laws!


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