About Us -Why this Site was Built

Hi, my name is Paula Lyons, and welcome to Best Car Rental Tips, which is owned and run by my husband, Jerry Lyons, and myself.

In 2000 I got a job as a car rental reservation agent.

For 8 years, I worked for two major car rental brands; answering calls and booking rental cars.

Increasingly, I found that while some people were calling to rent cars, a good number
of people were just calling to verify a car rental policy or to confirm or modify a reservation that they had already booked online.

Although the information that callers were seeking could be found on the company website, it was often difficult to find.

In doing some research, I feel that this is the case with most car rental websites. The terms and conditions and policy answers are often not readily available and many customers find the websites to be confusing and hard to navigate.

... and so it began!

We started Best Car Rental Tips in June, 2008 and have been happy to share my knowledge of car rentals. I hope you enjoy this site.

We hope that you find answers to your questions, and most of all, I hope you find a tip or information here that will save you money!

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