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Whether you're looking for where to find car rental discount codes, help finding coupons, pointers on one way auto rentals, the pros & cons of a monthly rental, the best 

advice on rental car insurance coverage or 
 on age, credit cards and more...find the answers here. 

Everyone wants to save money! No matter which company you choose, you want the best price possible. 

We take the frustration out of searching for answers on policies and procedures and finding great tips on getting a discount.

This site is your one-stop guide --Book a vehicle at the best possible rate... with the least amount of stress!

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I worked in the auto rental industry for many years and took many, many calls as a former reservation agent.

Most people didn't actually need or even want me to book their car for them (they could do that online themselves), but they did want me to help them with their questions about policies and procedures. 

I felt there should be an easier way for people looking to rent a car, to find answers and information before they reserve. So, I decided to create this site! A site where you can find simple answers to your questions.

Find out everything you need to know about getting the best rates possible, as well as reservation tips, facts on insurance, one way rentals and so much more.

You'll find lots of great money saving tips and I've researched information on various rental policies and procedures for a variety of companies, so that you're fully prepared before you step up to the rental counter.

Our Q&A section contains hundreds of our visitor's questions on all aspects of an auto rental - both general policies as well as company and/or location specific questions. If you have a question, chances are this site has an answer for you.

Whether you're renting a car for a few days because your own is out of commission, you need a car for a business trip or you're planning for the vacation of a lifetime or just a quick weekend trip -- you'll find some useful tips and tricks that will let you be an informed renter, and hopefully save some money at the same time!

Whether you are a frequent renter or a first-timer -- let me help!

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